Russia’s Opposition leader, Alexei Navalny arrested at the Moscow airport

Top president Putin critic, Alexei Navalny has been whisked away upon his arrival in Russia. Sources say this may be connected to a 1998 charge against him.

Kremlin under fire has opposition leader detained

Russian activist was seized at Moscow Airport when he returned to the country from Germany. He was in a German hospital for six months, recovering from an attempted assassination attempt from poison.


Alexei’s detention on Sunday doesn’t come as a surprise because the Russian prison agency mentioned that Navalny violated parole rules in a 2014 conviction. The Russian prison service has already said he will be detained till a court rules otherwise.

Navalny claims charges against him are false

The prison service wants Navalny to serve his four-year sentence for earlier charges, however, he insisted that those charges were trumped-up by the Kremlin authorities. His legal representatives have said that they have been refused to have access to him since he was imprisoned.


According to Alexander Baunov, a top fellow at Moscow legal center, describes Navalny’s decision to return home as “brave”.


“He has always said he doesn’t fear the authorities, nor president Putin. He is a brave man and fully respects the law of the land. Now he has shown that he truly meant every word” ’Baunov told the media.


Alex Navalny’s arrest has triggered lots of reactions across the globe with many calling for his immediate release. However, the Russian foreign ministry chief, Sergey Lavrov said that these condemnations are an attempt to divert the attention of people from pertinent issues.


He also said that no one is above the law and that people should pay for their crimes, and until the courts say otherwise, Alexei will be in custody. Foreign affairs experts like Aleksandra Godfroid of Al Jazeera have said the Kremlin will not be bothered by these international pleas as they are used to neglecting requests of such. 

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