Covid-19 virus reduces life expectancy in the US—Health experts

The effects of the COVID-19 virus are worse than expected. A recent study by scientists has shown that this virus reduces life expectancy among citizens and races.

US citizens’ life expectancy ratio shortened by COVID-19

The coronavirus has shortened the life expectancy among US citizens, particularly among blacks and the Hispanic population a new health study has asserted.


The US has about 339,000 COVID-19 fatalities since the inception of the pandemic and researchers have chosen to know if it has any effects on life expectancy. The research projects that these pandemic deaths have shrunk the life expectancy by 1.2 years to about 77.25 years.


This is the biggest negative decline in life expectancy is about 45 years. Moreover, this research shows disparities in rave which underscores the toll the pandemic has on racial and minority groups.


Also, this study projects a 0.78 decline in the expectancy age of white Americans to about 76.97 years, compared to the black population which has about a 2.3-year decline. For Hispanics, this decline could rise to about 3.25 years.


“ The COVID-19 pandemic negative effect of black and Hispanic US citizens has to do with their exposure to works, and extended family cultures”

Blacks and Hispanics heavily affected

This study is proof that minorities in the US are the most affected health-wise by this pandemic. This research shows that these populations need better Healthcare systems and an improved working environment.


Life expectancy analysis is a crucial indicator of a population’s medical status and helps in assessing the effect of COVID-19 on a citizenry. However, this isn’t the first time this would happen, as the 1918 influenza virus shortens life expectancy by about 10–13 years in the world.


This study advocates that a better lifestyle should be encouraged, more funds should be made available for medical research and nutrition should be given priority by everyone to improve the immunity.