Top Greek official quits after sexual abuse allegations

Sexual allegations have been made against an unnamed member of the sailing federation in Greek. A top official has resigned to safe face and protect the integrity of the commission.

Greek sailing official resigns amidst sexual allegations

A senior sailing official in the Greek navy has left his job following sexual allegation claims. Ariesteidis Adampoulos resigned his position as deputy president of the Hellenic Sailing Federation on Monday, immediately after the allegations were made.


The athlete, Sofia Bekatorou alleged that an official of the HSF had sexually abused her after inviting her to his motel in 1998. However, she has failed to mention the name of the accused individual, as the authorities have promised to deal with the culprit if the allegations are true.


Mr. Adamopolous said he isn’t the individual accused, but he had resigned because of the bad publicity the accusation has caused the federation. Miss Bekatorou, a medalist with the Greek team made this allegation online at a virtual event organized by the sports ministry held to foster children’s protection in sports.

Bekatorou said she was forced and feels ashamed

The incident, she said, was non-consensual and was done before the Sydney Olympics when she was just 20.


“ I resisted and told him no. However, he used pleasant words and said it doesn’t mean anything“ Miss Bekatorou told reporters.


“ He promised to stop if I wasn’t interested, but it was a lie because I repeatedly said no” she said anytime she remembers it, she feels ashamed.


Now 43, she said she didn’t say anything so that she can continue to compete in sports, as such disclosure might hamper her career.


After her statement, the HSF said, it was a “ very unpleasant incident” and did not, which resulted in a public protest. Later, HSF released a statement saying they requested Mr. Adamopolous to leave to keep the sanctity of the federation and allow thorough investigations.