New high-tech apps to check blood pressure and Alzheimer’s illness

Technological innovations are ongoing to develop an online app that can check blood pressure and other illnesses. Tech start-ups are looking at the health industry to launch this unique work.

This medical App will change technology—Biospectal

At the recent virtual meeting at CES 2021, Swiss firm Biospectal has shown a beta version of an application that could revolutionize science and technology. The tech firm displayed with an Android device loaded with the app how this tech could be put to use.


Users need to calibrate the app before taking their first reading. To take the reading, a user will touch the lens, which is finger sensitive and this will measure the fingertip. This app uses software to check pulse and BP.


According to Biospectal Founder Elliot Jones, using this app can give you accurate results in a short duration.


“ High blood pressure affects over a 1.5§million individuals globally, therefore it is essential to check your BP regularly” he concluded.

Medical App to be ready sooner than expected

Having a top grade health device that integrates with your mobile devices can aid both doctors and patients to see the symptoms anywhere. Jones said they have been working on this type of medical technology for some time, but the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up their launching.


Furthermore, he said that this health tech is useful for people who are normally healthy and want to maintain their status without having to go to the hospital. The tech is called OptiBp and available on Android mobile phones in the UK, France, Spain, and the US.


Although still in a beta state, this app could also be used to check if a person has signs of COVID-19. Another medical company, UBtech, will launch an anti-germ gadget. This gadget called Targus is made from ion materials and has germ-fighting capabilities that could make users safe. It should be available before the end of June at $130.