How Long can the SPL have Ranger Goal Machine Around?

The simple truth is that the Scottish Premier League has had amazing players ply their trade among its various teams. Even Lionel Messi was close to signing on a loan deal at some point. If you are up for examples, there are the likes of Van Dijk, Kieran Tierney, Andrew Roberson, and a host of others.

Where and Why Do They Go Away?

Many of these players claim to have a fantastic time plying their trade in Scotland. However, they leave on grounds that they need to play in a more competitive and recognized league. Sometimes, the definition of a competitive league is England which is not far away from Scotland. As things are, there is the current fear among the SPL faithful and Rangers fans in particular that one of theirs is about leaving. For credible information on this, you can check out:

Is Alfredo Morelos Truly Leaving?

Frankly, it is hard to give a definite answer as to if this incredible striker will be off Ranger’s payroll anytime soon. For one, he is a wonder considering the stats as regard to goals, assists, work rate, and several other things.

However, this player does not come on the cheap and is the reason many top clubs may be avoiding him. By not coming on the cheap we are not referring to money but the baggage that comes with this striker.

While he is notable for scoring incredible goals, this sportsman has a lot of disciplinary issues that can be very annoying. Especially on the field, these have cost Rangers a couple of times. It is strongly believed that the peculiarities of the South American talent in this regard explain why many clubs have reservations about hiring him.

But even at that, English Premier League clubs such as Leicester City, West Ham, Aston Villa, and a few others have indicated interest. We like to think Rangers can rest assured he will stick around for a while. This is because the interested Premier League clubs may not be the sort the South American wants. Furthermore, the incredible striker is having the time of his life with Steven Gerrard and will like to keep things that way from all indications.